Raw Healings Holistic Medicine Practitioners is all about plant cannabis C.B.D education, wellness.

Updated: Mar 13

Raw Healings Holistic Medicine Practitioners is all about plant cannabis C.B.D education, health, and pain free wellness. As Holistic Medicine Practitioners we advocate for patients, cannabis education, and Medical Marijuana Patients. We are committed to lifting the stigma associated with cannabis and C.B.D usage. Cannabis is medicine. Raw Healings is confident that through awareness, education, and exposure for Mind-Body spirit Complementary Medicine. This is a key achievement in what C.B.D consumers are striving to SUCCEED in there day- without pain. If you, your brand, or organization believes the same, then let’s work together.

How C.B.D Helps Sore Muscles

C.B.D can reduce muscle Inflammation. C.B.D can reduce inflammation, making it helpful for cold weather pain, knee pain foot pain, muscle pain, back pain and joint pain post-workout recovery. Studies show that C.B.D can inhibit some inflammatory molecules, shortening recovery time and relieving tension and inflammation in the tissue. Raw Healings holistic jars of body butters, Oils, lotions, go straight to your tough pain. C.B.D decrease muscle tension. Post-workout muscle tension as you know can cause discomfort and pain. Some athletes turn to muscle relaxers, but benzodiazepine drugs

that have side effects like depression, trembling, dizziness, confusion, and sedation.

Raw Healings C.B.D, on the other hand, is not known to produce any side effects and is all-natural.

Raw Healings body butters, Oils lotions can help reduce pain, a natural alternative to many painkillers on the market today, C.B.D can reduce pain through three mechanisms by stopping pain transmission in the brain and spinal cord, decreasing inflammatory messenger

activity, and reducing muscle ache sensitivity. Raw Healings unsalted edible Cannabutter, and Vegan CannaCoconut Oil C.B.D can improve sleep. As a reminder sleep is essential

to your health, including muscle recovery. With quality sleep, you can improve your fitness level because muscles recover while you sleep. C.B.D Can Improve your energy levels.

Raw Healings C.B.D works in conjunction with the body’s endocannabinoid system with its cannabinoids that help restore and manage a natural balance or homeostasis in your body. This process allows for steady, increased energy and clarity.

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