Raw Healings mind-body complementary medicine relaxing environment 2-3 hrs. before bedtime

Before starting a new routine, we started asking questions about sleep in our community.

Not many were sleeping well or enough. We gifted our community with helpful sleeping tools, to easily wind down, C.B.D lavender deep sleep candles and Raw Healings mind-body complementary medicine holistic jars of body butters, Oils, lotions, unsalted edible cannabutter, and vegan cannacoconut oil, it really does go straight to your tough pain.

We guarantee your sleeping space will feel more calming, cozy and restful.

As busy adults it can become a bad habit to not Stop screen time

one hour before bedtime

Raw Healings CHALLENGE time. No pain No gain, right? The next morning in the office we all agreed, it was crazy impulses to pick up our phones before bedtime. Trust us this one made a massive difference in our sleep. It took a few days to get fully used to our no-phone policy of one hour before bedtime. But once we got in the habit, I understood what the experts have been saying all along.

Our new digital curfew is now a new way of life, and Raw Healings swear by it.

Take Raw Healings C.B.D drops and tea for Sleep

30 minutes before bedtime

Don’t take our word for it – Harvard Medical School says that C.B.D helps with both

falling asleep and staying asleep longer. This was great news for us since with our new

sleep strategy experiment, to fall asleep faster & snooze better. We made a couple of

Raw Healings C.B.D tinctures, which are uniquely formulated to interact with the endocannabinoid system to restore balance and promote a normal sleep/wake cycle.

We loved the flavor of the added terpenes and botanicals. You will find your mind and body starting to calm and relax after holding one dropper of Raw Healings C.B.D oil under your tongue for 30 seconds. Each of our bodies metabolizes the naturally occurring components in Raw Healings hemp products differently, so start small and build up your dose if you’re brand new to C.B.D. Without a doubt, Raw Healings C.B.D tinctures are staying on as a key part of our sleep routine, try it in yours.

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